Anagama Pottery

This highly sought after ancient art of wood fired pottery is hard to find and I am pleased and proud to introduce to you a master of this art form, namely:

Ryusei Arita

Ryusei is born in Japan, internationally renowned artist who now lives in California. I have personally known the artist for more than a decade and, in fact, have shown his work at my former gallery in Berkeley to great acclaim and success. Ryusei hand-built his wood fired kiln on 1994 in Elk Valley, Mendocino County on California's North Coast because this type of kiln cannot be situated within city limits.  Most kilns are gas fired and temperature contolled while Anagama pottery is created in a wood-burning kiln that needs 24 hour around the clock monitoring and continual feeding.

Peter Voulkos selected Ryusei first as his apprentice, then as his assistant during the period of 1966-1978.  The aforementioned teacher has an international following and was instrumental in making Ryusei the artist he is now.

Here are some of the highlights of the artist, his successes and his shows:



Featured toghether with Peter Voulkos in the highly praised video "Anagama Pottery Works" by Peter Voulkos."

2001 Featured solo artist "Kumamoto Ken Craft Museum," Japan
        Featured solo artist "Gallery Espace," Ibaragi, Japan
        Invited artist "World Ceramics Exposition," Korea

2002 Featured artist "Zuma Project," London, Great Britain

2003 Featured solo artist "Jacqueline Ford Gallery," Santa Fe, New Mexico

2004 "Roka Project," London, Great Britain
        Preparation and installation at "Look out Vulture Park," Damascus, Pennsylvania

2005 Exhibitor: "Ceramics by Masters of the Anagam Process,"
        Narrosburg, New York
        Exhibitor: "Major Works," at Japonesque, San Francisco, California

Museum Purchases:

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MOMA), San Francisco, California.
Museum of Contemporary Crafts, American Crafts Council, New York.

Ryusei's works can also be found in many private collections.

Soon: Ryusei Arita will be the featured artist of a new Las Vegas Gallery
scheduled for opening in 2007!



Soon: Ryusei Arita will be the featured artist of a new Las Vegas Gallery scheduled for opening in 2007!

As you can see, this is a unique opportunity for you to acquire gorgeous Anagama pottery by Ryusei Arita.
Please give me a call and let us discuss your interest


Ryusei Rita
940 Arlington Avenue Ste. #6
Oakland, CA 94608
Tel./Fax   510-652-2525

Cactus 1238

Cactus 1242

Cobra 1220

Cobra Back 1231

Jar 1263

Large Bowl 1251

Large Plate 1253

Pitcher 1260

Plates 1268

Tea Bowls 1275

Two Plates #4379

Four Plates #4374

Flower Vase 1V1 #4300

Flower Vase 1v2 #4309

Flower Vase V2ase #4323

Flower Vase 2 V2 #4314

Flower Vase 3 #4318

Flower Vase 4 #4325

Flower Vase 5 #4332

Flower Vase 6 #4335

Roses CU #4365

Roses #4363

Vase #4274-2

Vase #4284

Vase 1

Vase 8 V1 #4351

2F 0362

F9GF 0417

F9GF 0429

F9GF 0432

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